The primary goal of Yuri Academy of Cosmetology is to provide our students with a quality education that is up-to-date with today’s trends while using industry quality tools.

Throughout the course of a our training program, students will receive supportive reviews of their progress to encourage and reinforce the necessary knowledge and skills needed to successfully graduate, gain licensure, and become gainfully employed in one of the many specialty areas of the cosmetology industry.

We understand the significant impact that education will have on your future livelihood.

Cosmetology Course Syllabus

State Laws and Regulations:

10 hours Theory & Practical

Orientation / School Policies: Regulations, Professional Ethics; Personal Hygiene and Bacteriology, Sterilization, and Sanitation

100 hours Theory & Practical / 175 Practical hours Experience

Shampooing and Rinsing: Fundamentals, Safety Rules; Procedures, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology

150 hours Theory & Practical / 75 hours Practical Experience

Scalp Treatments: Analysis; Disorders & Diseases, Manipulations, Treatments

150 hours Theory & Practical / 75 hours Practical Experience

Hair-cutting: Anatomy & Physiology; Fundamentals Materials & Equipment; Procedures, Safety Practices

160 hours Theory & Practical / 100 hours Practical Experience

Permanent Waving- Chemical Relaxing: Analysis; Supplies & Equipment; Procedures & Practical Application; Chemistry; Recordkeeping; Safety

100 hours Theory & Practical / 60 hours Practical Experience

Hair Coloring and Bleaching: Analysis and Basic Color Theory; Supplies and Equipment; Procedures and Practical Application; Chemistry & Classifications; Record Keeping; Safety

175 hours Theory & Practical / 75 hours Practical Experience

Hairstyling: Anatomy, Facial Shapes; Finger Waving, Molding, Pin Curling; Roller Curling, Combing and Brushing, Heat Curling, Waving, Braiding and Pressing

150 hours Theory & Practical / 100 hours Practical Experience

Skin Care and Make-up: Analysis; Anatomy; Board for Barbers and Cosmetology Regulations, Health, Safety, and Sanitary Rules; Procedures; Chemistry and Light Therapy; Temporary Removal of Hair; Lash and Brow Tinting

150 hours Theory & Practical / 80 hours Practical Experience

Manicuring and Pedicuring: Anatomy and Physiology; Diseases and Disorders; Procedures to Include Both Natural and Artificial Application; Sterilization

150 hours Theory & Practical / 100 hours Practical Experience

Wigs, Hair Pieces, and Related Theory: Sanitation and Sterilization; Types; and Procedures.

50 hours Theory & Practical / 20 hours Practical Experience

Waxing: Arms, Back ,Bikini Area, Brows, Chest, Facial (face, chin, cheek lip), Leg , Underarm

115 hours Theory & Practical / 80 hours Practical Experience

Salon management: Business Ethics; & Care of Equipment

40 hours Theory & Practical

TOTALS: 1500 Hours / 840 Hours Practical Experience

Cosmetology Student Kit:

Each student must purchase a Cosmetology Kit to use throughout the course of study. The kit belongs to the student and consists of the tools and items required to perform demonstrations and / or practical exams in the classroom and services on the clinic floor.

Each student is responsible for the security and maintenance of his / her kit. Once the kit has been inventoried and given to the student, the individual student is then responsible for the care and wear and tear of the kit. If any items are broken during the program the student is responsible for making the replacement of those item(s). The tools contained in the kit are of the standard and quality required by professional salons. Each kit includes the following:

Books & Online

DA Texture Textbook
DA Hair Design Textbook
DA Sculpture Textbook
DA Color Textbook
DA Salon Success Textbook, Journal & Beads
DA Cosmetology Fundamentals 3 Book Set
DA Student Online Access
Member School Pin
Current Version of Meta Student
Student ID Card

Hair Supply Kit

SNAPCAP, Head Form Light ABS
SNAPCAP, Head Form Dark ABS
SNAPCAP, Rectangle Solid (2)
SNAPCAP, Rectangle Increase
SNAPCAP, Silhouette Uniform
SNAPCAP, Silhouette Uniform Tightly Curled
SNAPCAP, Chloe Full Solid (3)
SNAPCAP, Claire Full Increase
SNAPCAP, Clarisse Full Uniform
SNAPCAP, Charlene Full Uniform Tightly Curled
SNAPCAP, Cybil Full Uniform Quadrant
SNAPCAP, Celia Full Solid Extra Long
Mannequin – Samuel
Nape, Graduated
Multiuse Head Form – Men’s Plain
Chart Set for Color Program
Hair Swatch – White 12 pack
Long Hair Wefts – 9 piece set
Pocket Color Wheel


Apron with adjustable cord
Black Shampoo Cape
Shaper Razor
Butterfly Clips, 12 pack
Control Clips (80 single, 80 double)
Timer, 60 minutes
Spray Bottle, 20 ounces
Applicator Bottle, 5 ounces
Acrylic Mirror
Manicure Kit – 6 pieces
Brush Set, 7 pieces
Color Bowl
Large Tint Brush
Small Cushion Brush
Large Cushion Brush
Comb, Teaser/Lift
Comb, Cutting (6)
Comb, Tail II (3)
Carrying Case
Table Mount Mannequin Stand
Heat Resistant Micro Fiber Comb
Metal Tail Comb – Fine Tooth
# 7 Sable Acrylic Nail Brush
150 Grit Nail File
Vantage Shear Set

Appliances / Tools

1600 Watt Dryer
1″ Flat Iron
3/4″ Marcel Iron

Sample Five Lesson Plan

1.  Working with chemicals:

2.   The requirements of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is based on a simple concept that employees have both a need and a right to know the hazards and identities of the chemicals they are exposed to when working.

3.  Disinfection and storage of implements.:

4.  General sanitation and safety requirements:

5.  Articles, tools and products:

Hours of Operation – Class Calendar

Classes are scheduled daily Monday through Friday. Observed holidays are New Year’s Day, The Monday following Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, the week that Independence Day falls in, and the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day (the actual dates vary based on which day of the week the actual holiday occurs).

Additional days off are published well in advance. Students may call local radio stations to obtain pertinent information regarding unexpected closures due to extenuating circumstances such as inclement weather.

New classes begin weekly with a few exceptions.

Cosmetology:  Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4pm
Nail Technician:  Wednesday – Friday 3pm – 6pm
Wax:  Tuesday – Thursday 3pm – 6pm

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